Listed here are open-source projects I have worked on, and am proud of.


DSharpPlus is a .NET Standard library for making bots using the Discord API. It started of as a continuation of DiscordSharp, but has since become much better than it's predecessor.


ModCore is a powerful moderation bot for Discord. Originally developed for my personal server, it has since gone public and is currently serving over 150 discord servers.


Obsidian is a minecraft server fully written from scratch, trying to replicate what the official minecraft server does, but more efficiently in C#.


Foo_discord is a foobar2000 addon adding Discord rich presence support. It is my first popular C++ project.


CHANdler is an image board software written using ASP.NET Core MVC. It takes a lot of inspiration from sites like 4CHAN.


CRISP-8 is a CHIP-8 emulator written as a learning and passion project. It's written in C#, with .NET Standard so platform-specific renderer and sound implementations are possible.


Rizumu is my first full game. It's a rhythm game inspired by games like Osu!, Taiko and DDR. Rizumu was written in C# on top of MonoGame.


BGEngine is an app similar to Wallpaper Engine allowing a user to configure live wallpaper content. The GitHub repository has since been archived since I simply bought Wallpaper Engine myself. I do consider this to be a very fun project, though.